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500 Miles is back!

Look for posts pertaining to the IndyCar Series starting this week! I hope to start doing some interviews from the likes of Indy Lights team owners and drivers also, seeing that the Firestone Indy Lights Series needs some much needed exposure. I will be posting factual information regarding what is happening behind the scenes with a certain team this week also! Don't forget the much needed opinionated articles about the recent politics in and around 16th and Georgetown.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The 2012 IndyCar World Championship

Penske and Ganassi Domination:NO MORE
Many hardcore IndyCar fans were wondering through the past three or four years or so, if the Red cars or the Penske Cars would ever lose a darn race?! I myself, asked this question several times. Then and again, year after year, both teams showed they were the most prepared out of everyone else in the series. I knew we the fans needed to see someone else winning not in the future, but right now. I knew it would be even better if this driver or team that came out of the blue to contend for a IndyCar Series Points Championship was an American. This season, many fans got their answers. We got to see a new car be put to the test, and a new driver dominate.This year Andretti Autosport picked up unexpected momentum and took over the IndyCar Series Points Championship with the American; Ryan Hunter-Reay. There were so many unexpected story-lines that would add to the newly created drama.

  • Power has failed successfully THREE times, but if you have a heart; you must feel bad for the guy. I mean I feel the most sincere regret for cheering on Ryan Hunter-Reay as he finished fourth last night. I just bet you, he is sitting at home joking sarcastically to himself as he did in the post race interviews. He must be getting pretty good at it after doing it three seasons in a row. But I will give Will Power the uttermost respect as he is both a great driver on and off the track; just cause of how good hd held his composure after finishing a measly second in the IndyCar Points Championship.
  • Team Penske is still number one in my mind. As everyone noticed during the course of the race, there was 20 crew members that were working on Will Power's car, within minutes after the crash. Roger Penske still runs his race team right. Regarding his philosophy, (Not directly quoted from the Captain.)"If you find a good worker; keep him, pay him well, and continue loyalty as long as he is loyal to the team." Saturday showed this bond in the most direct way possible, I mean look at the picture, there is not a spot on that wrecked car that is not being worked on. To get that car out there and running the 13 laps required to surpass E.J. Viso for 24th position amazes me.

The Verizon car being worked on by the masses of Penske crew members during the MavTV500. 

Drink up buddy. Source. : Business Balla
  • Sato crashes again. (Laugh out loud) How does the former F1 driver continue to take the steps to crash, that very last lap of the race? Well it's simple, he seems to have no patience. He is a talented driver, but waits for the wrong opportunities to over take other drivers. Even with all the mistakes, I'm sure he will be partnered alongside Graham at Rahal/Letterman,/Lanigan Racing next year.
  • Ed Carpenter becomes the first owner/driver to win a race since Adrian Fernandez in 2004. The Hoosier favorite is definitely one of the best oval racers from in modern times. He used his Chevy powered Dallara to speed past everyone throughout the race and ended up with the win. My favorite picture from the night is him after the race chugging that Fuzzy's Vodka in Victory Lane. 
  • America wins again. This weekend was an historic one, a very important moment for the IndyCar Series. Ryan Hunter-Reay proved that there is still American talent in open-wheel racing. He won the most prestigious championship in North American Open-Wheel Motorsports.There is a cool factor in all of this also, neither Ganassi or Penske got a hold of the championship. For now on the IndyCar Series is a competitive sport, and the fans know we never know what will happen next. Every lap of each race is a thrill, and Ryan Hunter-Reay proved it this year. He has the skill to win the Indianapolis 500, and many more IndyCar Championships. He ended up finishing fourth, while driving a very unstable car for the better part of the race. That is nothing more than pure talent, and it shows we have a driver that comes once in a life time this day in age. All he needs to do is win the Indy 500, and he will forever be one of the best. Representing the greatest country in the world is a guy, that deserves the championship, that deserves to be the leader that shows what the U.S. is made of. It's good to see a new king of open-wheel racing. 
Ryan Hunter-Reay:The King of the historic Astor Cup. Source:The New York Times

Sunday, March 25, 2012

In IndyCar the Word "Innovation" Means Nothing.

The past few decades the Indianapolis 500 has been compared to being as dangerous and thrilling as the old gladiator fights in the Roman Coliseum, and as technologically up-to-date as the NASA Space Program. No one can say that anymore, we all know you cannot say such a thing anymore about the race or the IndyCar Series. Although I will say the racing is still exciting to watch, the technology is still nearly the same as 15 years ago. You don't see people interested in the technical part of racing as you did in the popular days of CART.. The reason is because there is nothing new with the technology in the chassis, and engines. This is where "Innovation" has just took a stand still.

Starting with the fact is if we actually had competition between different chassis makers, it would gain the attention of more fans that want to pay attention to the technology the series has to offer. There is nothing innovative about being a spec series, nothing at all. We learn to things on what is safe, and what is faster to use on the cars by allowing more than one manufacturer in the IndyCar Series. Why do you think the cars got so safe, and continued to be faster up until the Mid-1990's. The reason is simple, they had chassis competition. They didn't have a car that is built just to make more money. The fact is this car might cause the teams to spend more money than originally thought, and I think the people making and designing the cars know this to. There are some obvious obscurities to the Dallara just by taking a quick look of their car itself.
  • If you look at the design of the "bumpers" on the back of the DW-12, if there was a decent amount of impact to the rear of the car, the bumper would then be dislodged in the tire. Causing the rubber of the tire to tear up and cause more damage in the rear of the car. It would destroy things like the wing, and practically anything on the back of the car.
  • Another thing is that the main chassis' bodywork is wider than the wheel base of the cars. In the past since the wheels stick out first, only the tires would hit the wall causing little if no damage. Now with the DW-12, if the car even just brushes the wall it will destroy bodywork, which would need replacing each time that happens. Also it may cause damage to things such as the suspension, considering those cars are going at speeds in access of 220mph at certain tracks. 
Just those two reasons alone could cause some type of money problems in the near future. That is just my opinion so we'll see as the season roles along. This car has caused way too many proven problems so far though. Dallara has not yet provided any IndyCar team with enough spare parts for each car they race. For teams that have incidents during the race, they may not be able to continue racing due to the fact the they can't replace something like the rear backing plates, or bumpers. This is simply, because the manufacturer of this $500,000 car cannot provide enough spare parts. I would think teams are fumed, just because there are not enough spare parts to run efficiently.

Also I would love to see the rules for the engines opened up a lot. If they want to stop pack racing, and for the cars to run faster, and sound different from each other, this would then solve the problem. I think different types of engines such as allowing diesel engines, V6, and V8 engines, and even manufacturers going to the extreme with V12 engines, would allow for an incredible variety, making IndyCar even more the most diverse racing series in the world. There is nothing innovative about a V6, 750hp engine. Saying this, because BMW had a four cylinder racing engine going over 1000hp in the 1980's. This engine is a huge step back from anything they have used previously. Everyone still practically has the same engines since the rules restrain for trying new things. Some argue that something like this could never happen again, that it's impossible to allow for a variety. It is plausible that we could have this again, I mean look at the American Le Mans Series, and the 24 Hueres du Mans, they currently have all of the engines I just previously mentioned. Allowing new chassis and engines could offer different manufacturers to use their products and ideas to test on the track again, and allow them to be certified to allow use in the real world.

This leads to my next conclusion, the Indianapolis 500, and CART used to allow companies to test their products with cars on the race track for testing. If this product was then approved safe by the AAA through testing at the race tracks, the product could then be used by the public. Companies such as Bardahl, or Cummins used to pour millions in to the series just so they could test their products, and promote them through the IndyCar Series. Now there is none if that. If IndyCar would allow for companies to test and run their products in the IndyCar Series again, I'm sure many companies that deal in making automotive products would then start bringing money to the series. This would directly allow for "Innovation" it would allow for IndyCar to start being the "testing facility" for products, and the promotional tool for many companies. Many companies in return would provides millions of dollars for the IndyCar Series, and would allow to reach out to a larger fan base saying that they mention IndyCar while advertising their products. Even now you see companies such as Bardahl mention they won races such as the Indianapolis 500, even that being over 60 years ago.

These opportunities can be taken and opened up in the IndyCar Series in the near future, this would allow the IndyCar Series to go back where they used to be in technological advances in the automotive world. New ideas and creations would allow new things to change not only the series, but the whole world by affecting everyone. More money, and excitement would allow for more interest in the sport. You will see more diehards than just the casual fan you see now. These are just part of what they could do to restore the "World's Most Diverse Racing Series."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Incoming 2012 IndyCar Teams.

Here is a preview of all the incoming full time IndyCar teams that will be running in the IndyCar Series in 2012. Some of these teams have never raced in IndyCar before, and some have been in and out of the IndyCar Series the past few years. All teams have some type of historical value behind them unless it's the newly formed Ed Carpenter Racing or Dragon Racing.

  • Michael Shank Racing Formed by team owner Michael Shank, and part owner A.J. Allmendinger. Michael Shank Racing has been around in any major racing series since 2004 when they entered their first Grand-Am race at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Michael Shank Racing has had pretty good success in the Rolex Series. This year Michael Shank Racing is looking to plant a seed in the IndyCar Series, and will try to find some success as a rookie team. They are looking to form just a one car operation for the first year, to give all the attention they can on their first and only driver. Michael Shank Racing has chosen Lotus as their official engine manufacture. They will be running out of their shop in Pataskala, Ohio, but will be running a separate operation from their Grand-Am Team. 
 My Prediction for Michael Shank Racing in 2012.
I do not think Michael Shank Racing will have the best of success during their 2012 rookie season. If they really are talking to experienced people that have previously worked in the IndyCar Series they might have some type of success. The one car operation will be struggling throughout their first season due to the lack of experience. 
  • Rahal/Letterman Racing  Based out of Hilliard, Ohio, Rahal/Letterman Racing is owned and operated by Bobby Rahal. Rahal/Letterman Racing has had quite of bit success running in the IndyCar Series from 1991 to 2008 full time, and running off and on between 2009 to 2011. They even won the IndyCar Series World Title in 1992, and they won the 2004 Indianapolis 500 with Buddy Rice. Bobby Rahal is planning on running two full time entries for the upcoming 2012 IndyCar Season. Rahal/Letterman will powered by Honda in 2012 also. Possible drivers for them either could be Bertrand Baguette, or Jay Howard which have raced for the team in the past. Also Rahal/Letterman has talked to drivers with sponsors already like Paul Tracy. Rahal/Letterman also runs in the ALMS. 
My Prediction for Rahal/Letterman Racing in 2012.
Rahal/Letterman could be IndyCar Series Points Championship contenders if they gain the type of drivers they are looking to sign. With Tom Anderson as president of operations they should have a really good chance in gaining positive results running their first full time cars since 2008. I could even see them winning the Indianapolis 500 for the second time in 2012.
  • Ed Carpenter Racing Ed Carpenter Racing will run it's first season in the IndyCar Series this upcoming year. This team is owned by Tony George, and Ed Carpenter, which also will be the full time driver for the newly formed race team. They will be sponsored by Fuzzy's Vodka. It looks like Ed Carpenter Racing will be running engines powered by Lotus. They have shown that they will not be playing around in 2012 by hiring Derrick Walker as president of operations, and racing engineer Micheal Cannon. Also Ed Carpenter himself has plenty of experience in the IndyCar Series, even winning a race in 2011 at Kentucky Speedway.
My Prediction for Ed Carpenter Racing in 2012.
Ed Carpenter Racing should see some success in 2012. We'll see how well Ed Carpenter does on road course and street circuits, but with Michael Cannon he should easily finish in the Top 10 at any track. Ed could easily place in the Top 5 on the Points Standings during 2012 with how well everything is going for him.
  • Bryan Herta Autosport Bryan Herta Autosport already won the Indianapolis 500 in their first and only start in the IndyCar Series. Owner Bryan Herta has shown he can really run a race team with a small budget. After winning the Indianapolis 500 with the late Dan Wheldon, they already have bragging rights in the IndyCar Series just by running in one race. They should have no problem finding a good sponsor for 2012. Don't forget that Bryan Herta Racing will be running a high powered Lotus engine.
My Prediction for Brain Herta Autosport in 2012.
If this team finds an experienced driver in 2012 they should have a chance of winning more Indianapolis 500's in the future, and will have great season in 2012. With a such a confident owner as Bryan Herta they will be a mainstay in the IndyCar Series not only for next season, but for many years to come.
  • Dragon Racing Dragon Racing is owned by Jay Penske, and has ran in the IndyCar Series off and on with drivers like Rafael Matos, and Paul Tracy. With a small chance of gaining a major sponsor they will be struggling to even fund a full-time one car team in 2012. Lately not much info has been released from the team or Jay Penske himself sides that he is looking for sponsors. If Dragon Racing is around in 2012 more than likely they will be running Chevy engines, because of his father, Roger's partnership with Chevy.
My Prediction for Dragon Racing in 2012.
They will struggle next year, because they will be understaffed as in the past, and will have to deal with the hardship of running a car with an inexperienced driver. Dragon Racing will definitely be an underdog next season.

    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    IndyCar's Popularity.

    I know IndyCar has picked up all these sponsors, but I've noticed only a minor change in the amount of people IndyCar actually has following the sport. Do I actually think IndyCar has gained some fans? Yes, but not a lot of them though.

    IndyCar still looks like they don't know how to gain a major fan base. Look at their T.V. contact, or how IndyCar likes to focus on only one driver i.e."DANICA PATRICK." Also IndyCar's popularity can really count on how the drivers treat their fans on and off the track to. I personally think just these few things alone have the most affect on the popularity of this sport.

    I still feel IndyCar's TV Contract with Versus is a bad thing, considering IndyCar is struggling to average at least 600,000 viewers per race on that channel. How can you expand your racing series, if you can only offer your product to a limited amount of television viewers. I'm sorry, but IndyCar just needs to go back and have every race on ABC/ESPN again. At least everyone has access to watch the race on ABC/ESPN. You can tell why ABC/ESPN is better, just by showing all the races on IndyCar's schedule that were on ABC hit at least 1,000,000 viewers. Also a few more sponsors would be attracted to the IndyCar Series. There are always reports of sponsors turning their backs away from IndyCar, just because of poor TV ratings.

    IndyCar needs to stop putting all the attention towards one driver or a driver that doesn't even win(Danica Patrick). I'm not saying she is a bad driver, but she has never been in contention for the IndyCar Series Championship or too many other wins during her career with IndyCar. Throughout the past few seasons IndyCar has focused nearly all attention on her, and many fans are annoyed with that. In the future IndyCar needs to start paying attention to the Championship contender's more, the drivers that win in the series. The Points race the last couple season has been surprisingly close, but this still seems to be put second on the IndyCar Series list. Remember fans don't remember someone in 20 years, because they had good looks, fans remember the winners, it will be drivers like Dario Franchitti, or Will Power that people will continue to talk about. Not some driver that won one race, and was a poor loser. Fans also remember drivers like Tony Kanaan, and Simona de Silvestro which throughout every race put sportsmanship first. IndyCar needs to put the first class drivers as the face of the series, not one driver that shows no sportsmanship, and shows no ability to win a championship.

    I think one of the best ways to attract fans to start talking about the IndyCar Series, and to have fans come back every year to races with a pleasurable experience each time, starts with how the drivers treat fans. It seems most of the drivers are still all about their own ego. Look at Dan Wheldon he was the most respected driver around, he was always for the fans. He would take time out to give every autograph he could even when he had no time to. He would make you feel like you were supposed to be there. He felt like a friend to every fan that met him. He would also take time out to thank everyone that had come out to view the race. Only if every single driver would take some time to thank every fan with a smile, and all it takes one autograph to win over a fan. Only if every driver would act first class all the time. Then IndyCar would be exploding, but until everyone realizes this, I think IndyCar will be struggling to expand. Although the IndyCar Series has made some momentum, it's not enough to ensure the sport's survival in the long term.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    "Dan Wheldon Day"

    Another student at my school started this event on Facebook, and I thought it was really intriguing that someone would do this in remembrance of the late Dan Wheldon. As it says on Facebook the event is tomorrow Wednesday, October 19 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm. Here is more of what is says "at 12 u will close ur eyes and pray for dan wheldon even though he is dead he lives in our hearts forever." This is another heartfelt thing another IndyCar fan has started, and I hope you will participate in it to no matter where you live or where you are at the time. 

    Here is the actual event link on Facebook.

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    In Memory of Dan Wheldon a Tribute From the Fans.

    This shows how IndyCar is one big family with teams, officials, and fans all included. Copyright:500 Miles.

    Dan Wheldon was one special guy to many people. Not only that, but Dan Wheldon was an ambassador for IndyCar, he was family, he represented what this series means to everyone. His death just put a hole in my heart, along with many others around the world. Dan Wheldon died while doing what he loved doing which was just getting into a race car and driving. No man loved the Indianapolis 500 or Open-Wheel racing more than Dan Wheldon did.  

    There wasn't a moment that I ever remember seeing Dan without that famous smile on his face. Dan Wheldon always had time for his fans and for his family. There are many times that he would go out of the way just to give regular guys like me an autograph, He treated every fan like they were his best friend. Even if it's your first time you met him, trust me you felt like you were friends since you were in grade school. 

    Dan Wheldon wasn't only respected by the fans and teams of IndyCar, he also did a ton for the U.S. Troops overseas and at home. He took plenty of time out to go visit the wounded troops that are stuck in the hospital. On a couple of special occasions he would go overseas to visit with the troops and speak with them on a personal basis. He would also have a veteran there by his side at all times while signing autographs. He was always giving thanks to our troops to, and loved representing them while with Panther Racing. Anyone who does this is held to the highest regards in my mind. 

    Also Dan Wheldon was not only a winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 2005 and 2011, he was a Indy 500 winner who actually respected the race. Not to mention he is one of only 18 drivers to win the Indianapolis 500 at least twice. He is also a driver that deserves the recognition after winning the Indianapolis 500 twice. This is a driver that knew the race was bigger than him. He knew that he had to respect the race to win it. Everyday in the month of May he would be thinking about winning the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, The Indianapolis 500. He just wanted to win this race over and over again, he tried harder than everyone else. Dan Wheldon really loved the Indianapolis 500 in general, compared to some previous winners he makes them look like chumps when taking about the race.

    While discussing with my dad our favorite memory of Dan Wheldon, it came down to this. In 2006, my dad pointed out that Dan Wheldon was giving out autograph's by the fence. So my brother and I went over to him to receive an autograph. While waiting with a few others he noticed he was running out of time to give out autographs. So he decided that he could only give out autographs to the kids, in which he did.

    This is what Dan Wheldon the two time Indianapolis 500 winner meant to me. Here are other views from IndyCar fans just like me In Memory of Dan Wheldon.

    From Michael Wendler, 
    "This blog has been silent for a while now due to personal and professional reasons but it can remain silent no longer. I really wish I didn’t have to type this but I must. Dan Wheldon is no longer with us. It does not seem real. It must be a nightmare. Someone please wake me from this but it is true. Dan Wheldon lost his life doing the thing he loved the most racing an Indycar. If you don’t know who that is or how devastating that is. Well I don’t really have the words to explain it to you. I’ve seen many of my fellow fans search for the words that just won’t come. It’s not even about racing, if you never heard Dan speak, I feel bad for you because if you had you would have liked him.

    Dan Wheldon wasn’t just a great racer he was a great person. Although I never personally met him I feel as though I did. Dan was a truly nice person and a great guy. I missed a chance to meet him this year at Indy on opening day. He was back in the garage and was interviewing with the track announcer while I was sitting watching practice laps in the grandstand. As soon as he came up on the TV screens at the track saying they were just a small team this year and weren’t even going out to practice on opening day I thought “Damn if I knew he was back there, I would liked to say hello and met him and get his autograph.” Dan always had time for fans. He was warm and personable so I’m sure he would have happily signed by checked flag that I had reserved for winners of the Indy 500. Although his career was up in air at the time and I worried that he might still not have a full time next year I was sure I would see him next year one way or another. The Indy 500 just wouldn’t run with out him being involved. How wrong I was. I can’t believe it but it is true. The Indy 500 will still be there but it will continue without its champion.

     It came close to running without him this year, until Dan made a call to his friend Bryan Herta who owned a small racing team that ran on a shoestring budget. The call wasn’t really a business call since they were former teammates and friends from their time at Andretti Green Racing. When Bryan asked Dan what his option for this year’s race were, Dan laid what little option he had which consisted on smaller team that didn’t really have a chance to win the race in Dan’s opinion so he had not committed yet. Dan didn’t want to run the Indy 500 just to run it. He wanted a chance to win. Bryan told him to hold on because he had something in the works and he would call him back. Dan knew that Bryan didn’t joke about business and was serious about this. Somehow Bryan put together a deal and was able to convince Dan that they had a shot. As it turns out they had more than a shot, they did the improbable. They won.

    This would eventually lead to Sunday’s events. I am sure many will seek to blame someone about this but there is really none to be had. Dan Wheldon was a racecar driver. Whether there was a five million dollar challenge or not there were cars available for that race and Dan Wheldon would have been in one of them. His love for the sport was that big. It was infectious. You could not help but be pulled in by his enthusiasm. As he worked as a commentator this year joking about being “an unemployed guy” his love of the sport came through. As people heaped praise upon him about his announcing he thought that was nice but I’m not ready to retire yet. I want to race. So he did one last time.

     I am struck by his final words as they interviewed him in the car before the race. A practice I always hate because I feel that you should not distract a driver while he is on the racetrack. They need to have their full attention on the road even under warm up or yellow. Racing is dangerous. We forget that. The first thing Dan did was name drop every sponsor on that car even the little ones because he knew what it was like to be without one. He even made a little joke about Curb Records that was a small sponsor that was something about Taylor Swift that I couldn’t quite make out. That was Dan, always joking, always upbeat and happy. When they asked him about whether he thought he could win this race from the back of the field he said “If I didn’t think I could win I would not be here.” It was typical Dan.

    Everyone liked Dan. Even if they were mad at him they could not stay mad for long. Dan was supposed to replace Danica Patirck in the GoDaddy car next year. These two are forever linked since she appeared on the Indycar scene the year he won the Indy 500 the first time. While she garnered more attention he liked to remind people, I won the Indy 500 that year. Later on they would famously have words over a racing incident, which Dan would brush off the argument as Danica being feisty. After the race Sunday when interviewed about the tragic events of the day, Danica described though tears that it was hard because she had lost a friend. Rivals had become friendly. Not close but friendly. You just could not stay mad at the guy.

    That is what we should remember about Dan. He was a great guy. He was a great racer indeed but a better human being. If we had more people like Dan the world would be a better place. He left us doing the thing he loved. While this saddens us and brings us to tears, we know he would want us to continue. You need look no further than the last tweet from his twitter account. Although he didn’t tweet it, I know he meant it. It simply said “Green.”

    It is green Dan. Time to go."

    From Tim Cychulski, 
    "When I think about open wheel racing I think of some of the greatest names in motor sports:  Andretti, Rahal, and Unser. When I think about my generation of great drivers, Dan Wheldon is on the top of the list.  Not because he won the most races, or the most championships.  Not because he was the flashiest or most flamboyant driver in the Indy Car series.  Not because he raced dangerously or took too many risks on the track.  Dan Wheldon will forever be one my favorite drivers, and the greatest of my generation because of how he handled himself not only on the track - but off of it as well.  He was such a giving person, and never said no to anyone that wanted an autograph or a picture with him.  He worked with too many charities to count and brought joy to so many young boys and girls in hospitals in the last 10 years for those acts of kindness alone he should be immortalized forever.  How will I remember him?  As the guy that was always smiling, racing hard, and giving back to the fans.  I could go on and on about the future he had in the sport, as I firmly believe that he had a bright career in broadcasting and commentating had he lived to see his retirement from racing.  It was such a pleasure to listen to him this past year calling races when he wasn't behind the wheel competing in them.  We lost a great man and father this past Sunday, and I for one will never forget that moment in the grandstands where I was standing when they first announced that we should keep Dan in our prayers...because I knew that at that moment open wheel racing had lost one of it's best.
    Rest In Peace Dan...we'll miss you forever and always.  I hope your wife and kids grow old cherishing the memories that you've given us all and never forget how great a man you were.  Thank you for so many years of enjoyment on and off the track, the world will never see the likes of someone like you again.
    Here's to hoping that the Las Vegas Motor Speedway never forgets Dan and makes Turn 2:  Wheldon's Turn."

    From Megan Sauce,
    "My favorite memory of Dan was when I met him in Texas. He was just so kind, and was very genuinely interested in his fans. It was nice to see that type of appreciation for the fans. Dan was truly remarkable."

    If you want to add your favorite memory of Dan Wheldon or just want to give appreciation to him just email me at I will still post your writing if you still want to contribute.

    This is a toast to a great race car driver named Dan Wheldon. You have affected many lives in many great ways. Goodbye buddy.